Online Celebrity (hyphenated​.​mod)

from Hygene Atoms by The New Pollutants

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Verse 1

To drain the mindstate of its undead co-op
Is to feed an electronic to the very last drop
It’s inside out and the other way around
I'm more of a crippled and live life while homebound
It’s not called hiphop its two kinds of persistence
I'm way above your league cause my league is non-existence
A distance beyond what is immeasurable light
I'm a little bit of black and a little bit of white
It’s my own voice inside my head every week
I’ll crush you like a twig you little bedroom geek
I'm last week’s news and tomorrow’s trash
I’m these day’s woes yesterdays rash
New type of world but one that’s not so manageable
Inflict the kind of cuts that aren’t so bandageable
How do you feel when you hear a new pollution?
Here are 2 prototypes of human evolution

Verse 2

While I'm amused at this analogue recession
I'm in the middle of a digital depression
My dreams are like movies, but of the worst kind imaginable
Looking for the product while I’m looking for the intangible
It’s never up the front cause its part of the tricks
The eyes are the spanner so come get the fix
The outro as an intro expiration is what I've been through
I've got grey areas cause that’s what I'm into
It’s a higher percentage of your protein needs
I'm a the kind of data that breaks when it bleeds
A kind of faith in chaos Microphonia’s over
It’s the 1’s and 0’s of her life that drove her
Reverse psychological its best for me
It’s the Digital media that’s my heresy
12-point platter I'm unbound and steadfast
A promising future or living in the past

Verse 3

I prefer being unknown with my foot on the ground
The age of endarkenment ruined by sound
Too far to one side to be the bottom or the top
Its no use starting when you cant seem to stop
I'm a kind of disease would I offer you an antidote
Call me a virus when you listen to this anti note
No ps2 I'm down with NES
And if you don’t compute don’t get any stress
The other half of syntax difficult to interlace
This ain’t musical instruments digital interface
Motherboards and motherships program to colonise
Updated self-sealing automatic systemise
Best beats come when you feeling at your worse
Cause I'm not so good at this verse chorus verse
44-kilohertz the beat’s 8 bit
I'm too damn cold for that warm analogue shit


from Hygene Atoms, released April 1, 2002




Mister Benjamin Speed Los Angeles, California

Mr Benjamin Speed’s dreams are a major influence on him. He uses them to gather and refine ideas for music, as well as his life. Ultimately he wants to give more love than he receives and aims to transcend space and time through the power of ludicrous thought. He is also addicted to social network buffoonery, liquorice, watermelons and anything with ginger in it. ... more

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